Adolescent Supported Employment Program in Mississippi

Millcreek of Magee Treatment Center offers residential treatment and home-based programs for children & adolescents struggling with psychiatric and behavioral disorders.

About Our Supported Employment Program

Learn about our Supported Employment program at Millcreek of Magee Treatment Center in Mississippi

At Millcreek of Magee, a treatment facility in Mississippi, our Home and Community Based Waiver Services’ philosophy of providing care in the least restrictive environment possible can be seen clearly in its efforts to integrate individuals with intellectual disabilities into competitive employment.  Minimum standards for employment services will be met and/or exceeded through procedures outlined in the Supported Employment Services ID/DD Waiver.

Referrals from Support Coordination

Referrals from Support Coordination to Millcreek of Magee Treatment Center in Mississippi

When a referral is received from Support Coordination for an individual desiring employment, our treatment facility will begin the process of finding a competitive job suitable to the individual’s abilities and desires.  The programs for those who benefit from this type of program include, but are not limited to:

  •     Individualized assessment
  •     Exploration of employment options available
  •     Thorough job searching
  •     Assistance with completing and submitting job applications
  •    Transportation between the place of residence and the job site
  •    Effective job training and coaching

Individuals who receive assistance with these programs at our facility will also receive a well-developed profile.  Some of the information that will be included in these profiles include:

  •     The advantages of employing individuals with disabilities
  •     Each individual’s unique skills and competencies
  •     Ways in which work environments can be adapted to facilitate training and employment of individuals
  •     with disabilities
  •     On-going support

Diverse Choices & Opportunities

The diverse choices available through the supported employment program at Millcreek of Magee Treatment Center

Our treatment facility’s Home and Community Based Waiver Services will visit, through Job Exploration, an array of businesses to give the individual diverse choices and options for training and employment opportunities.  A goal of Job Exploration is to place an individual in a job that they desire.

Social Programs

Social programs & interactions encouraged in the supported employment program at Millcreek of Magee Treatment Center

Additionally, individuals with disabilities will participate in social programs that are associated with work in the community.  Social interactions at our facility will be encouraged, as the development of new friendships is one of many natural supports that are needed.  Actions taken on behalf of the individuals in this area will be documented in Contact Summaries.

What to Expect

What to expect from the supported employment program at Millcreek of Magee Treatment Center in Mississippi

We expect that every individual referred to our treatment facility to receive this service will find competitive employment in the community. Our treatment facility’s Home and Community Based Waiver Services has an open-door policy to allow individuals the ability to return to Prevocational and/or Day Services – Adult programs at their discretion.

Lastly, all Job Coaches who work in our treatment facility’s programs must complete our Driver Safety Course and pass a Mississippi Driver’s Check, as it is a component of our policy to ensure every individual’s safety.  This is done so that all individuals, including those in need of handicapped-accessible transportation, will be transported in vehicles capable of meeting their needs in a safe manner.