Residential Treatment

When a child or adolescent battles a psychiatric condition that prevents successful treatment completion or recovery, that young person may require a more intensive form of care. In order to fulfill this treatment need for young people who grapple with severe symptoms of mental health conditions, Millcreek Behavioral Health has designed a program that incorporates comprehensive and effective care for a myriad of mental illnesses.

Millcreek Behavioral Health’s psychiatric residential treatment facility, also known as PRTF, is the only option for care of its kind in the area that offers treatment to young individuals over the age of 18. With two locations in Mississippi, Clinton and Meadville, the PRTF program supplies care for male and female children and adolescents between the ages of 6 and 21 who have psychiatric needs that cannot be met in less restrictive treatment settings. The around-the-clock care and supervision afforded to young people within this program ultimately helps children and adolescents understand how thought processes and behavior impacts their lives, realize new methods for managing symptoms and problematic behaviors, and achieve true healing and success during the therapeutic process.

Specially trained mental health professionals administer treatment in this program and experienced psychiatrists are on hand to prescribe and monitor medication if it is deemed necessary for a youth’s care. Cognitive behavioral therapy is the primary modality utilized within this program, along with research-based journaling and the Phase System, which rewards young people as they progress while in our care. Positive reinforcement is cornerstone to this system and includes four phases:

  • Exploration
  • Knowledge
  • Motivation
  • Achievement

Additionally, there are several therapeutic interventions that are woven throughout the PRTF program. Implemented to address the symptoms of many psychiatric conditions, the following methods for care are provided:

  • Individual therapy is offered once per week, minimum
  • Family therapy is conducted two times per month
  • Group therapies are provided at a minimum of three times per week and cover topics such as anger management, the development and utilization of coping skills, relationship skills, trauma-related issues, and independent living skills
  • Recreation therapy is held daily

Experiential therapies, of which have proven effectiveness in helping youth overcome symptoms of mental illnesses, can be accessed by children and adolescents in this program and include the following:

  • Music therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Fitness club
  • Walking club
  • Book club
  • Gym

Lastly, those that are engaged in this program attend an onsite school from 9am until 3pm, Monday through Friday, and are taught by Highly Qualified Licensed Teachers. Classroom sizes are small and are purposely designed that way so that each young person can receive more individualized attention within an academic setting. Doing this enables each youth to have his or her education and learning needs met in an effective and efficient manner. At least one therapeutic aide assists the teachers in each classroom, and additional aides can be provided if it meets the needs of the child or adolescent.

If you have a child who requires more intensive treatment, but has not been successful in other programs, Millcreek Behavioral Health’s PRTF program is where your child can find therapeutic success, relief from severe mental health conditions, and hope for a bright future.

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