Respite Care

Taking care of a loved one who has intellectual or developmental disabilities can be a full-time job and, while it is rewarding work, it can also leave you completely exhausted.  Furthermore, constantly putting your loved one’s needs before your own can put you at risk for burnout, which has the potential to lead to the build-up of feelings of resentment. Seeking support and maintaining your own health are important when it comes to being a caregiver, which is why it is a good idea to take advantage of the respite care services that may be available to you.

Respite care provides caregivers with short-term breaks, allowing them to relieve stress, restore energy, and gain back some balance in their lives.  More specifically, respite care helps share the responsibility of caregiving and allows caregivers to get the additional support they need.  Additionally, this support service can help to prevent exhaustion, isolation, and help reduce the amount of stress a caregiver may experience.

As part of our Home and Community Based Services, Millcreek Behavioral Health provides respite care services in an effort to help relieve the family members or caregivers in the event of any planned or emergency needs.  All support services, including respite care, offered by Millcreek are provided by highly qualified and licensed staff.  Additionally, our staff is able to provide these services in a variety of settings, including the family’s home or in community locations.  Categories of respite care offered include:

  •     In-home nursing respite
  •     Community respite

In-home nursing respite services are provided in the individual’s home by a licensed nurse who provides the necessary care the routine caregiver would provide during the same time period.

Community respite services are provided at a sites in the individual’s community and may be offered after hours, on holidays, and other times when the routine caregiver is unavailable to provide care.

All of our respite care services provide your loved one with stimulation, recreation, and companionship while you take a much needed break.  Our staff will also be there to assist with daily living skills such as bathing, dressing, feeding, or using the restroom.  They will also be able to provide homemaker services, including meal preparation, shopping, and any housekeeping needs.  No matter what your loved one may need, our highly qualified staff will take excellent care of your loved one, ensuring you that he or she is in good hands while you are away.  At Millcreek Behavioral Health, we are dedicated to providing all of our patients with the care needed so that they are afforded the opportunity to live a full and meaningful life.

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