Day Habilitation

Day Services – Adult services provide an avenue for individuals to attain daily living skills, social skills, communication skills, self-help skills, and other adaptive skills in order to enhance their overall quality of life.  Activities are planned based on individual needs, preferences, and interests.  Services are provided at sites located in or near the individual’s community.  For instance, the individual might need frequent rest periods, small activity groups, or a special diet.  In each case, services are tailored to fit the needs and desires of each individual.  As a component part of this service, each individual completes an individualized, person-centered planning process as described in the Department of Mental Health Record Guide.  Formal person-centered planning enhances the planning process by incorporating diverse viewpoints.

Millcreek is committed to community inclusion and will provide weekly opportunities to interact with people and environments within the community.  These outings occur individually or in groups of no more than three individuals at a time.  All participants will be given a choice of the activities to  participate in for daily personal development in and out of typical community settings used by individuals who do not have disabilities.  Individual outcomes will be set using an ecological system of teaching, which requires personal development to occur in the most natural setting available.

Through the person-centered planning process, outcomes and activities will be selected by the individual and/or his or her legal representative for daily and weekly participation which promote our values to encourage and support:

  •     Community presence
  •     Community participation
  •     Dignity
  •     Choice
  •     Societal contributions
  •     Safety

The overall goal of our Day Services – Adult services program is to support the individual so that he or she can participate in everyday activities with as much independence as possible, enhancing his or her overall quality of life.

Millcreek will provide a mid-morning snack, a nutritious noon meal, and an afternoon snack for all individuals who participate in our Day Services – Adult services program.

For every eight individuals participating in this program, there will be two staff actively engaged in program activities with them.  Licensed nurses provide medical services, including the administration of prescription medications.  Millcreek also employs physical, occupational, speech, and behavior interventionists who work with individuals attending the program during daily activities, as needed.

We are proud of the clean, comfortable, and pleasant environments that our Day Services – Adult facilities are able to afford to those who attend the programs.  Each individual has a minimum of 50 square feet dedicated for his or her use alone.

At Millcreek, our caring and compassionate staff and our comfortable, easily-accessible settings are able to accommodate individuals with a wide range of needs, including those who are ambulatory and those who are not, those who are verbal and those who are nonverbal, as well as people who may need suctioning and/or be fed through a G-tube.  Eligible individuals will not be denied enrollment into their program of choice based on the severity of their disability.

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