Group Homes

Some young people have needs that cannot be met through community resources. Additionally, some youth are not able to reside at home or partake in other types of less restrictive treatment, as they may require more ongoing care in order to maintain healthy functioning. Millcreek Behavioral Health understands that some adolescents and young adults require such care, which is why we have designed beneficial services that are delivered in therapeutic group homes.

The therapeutic group homes of Millcreek Behavioral Health, and the advantages they afford young people, allow male adolescents and young adults between the ages of 12 and 21 to thrive and increase their functioning so that they are able to successfully reintegrate back into their respective communities. With three locations, Brookhaven, Raleigh, and Natchez, and ten licensed beds within each home, young men who reside in our therapeutic group homes have access to qualified, experienced, and compassionate staff 24 hours a day, who can provide invaluable support on an ongoing basis. Additionally, those in our therapeutic group homes partake in the following while engaging in this type of service:

Education services: Recognizing the importance of furthering a young person’s education, those in our therapeutic group homes are able to receive education services while in our care. Whether they are working towards a high school degree or GED, or wishing to acquire college credit, we put forth every effort to help the young men in our therapeutic group homes achieve their academic goals.

Employment opportunities: Millcreek Behavioral Health supplies young men in our therapeutic group homes with paid employment opportunities on our campus. We do this so as to develop and enhance occupational skills, which can improve functioning and increase independence once these individuals return to their communities. We will also help these youth to find jobs within the community when that is an appropriate and viable option.

Community-based outings and activities: A big part of being able to successfully reintegrate back into one’s community has to do with being able to function well in community settings. Because of this, we afford male adolescents and young adults with opportunities for community-based outings and activities so that skills can be practiced and exposure to different environments can be experienced.

Furthermore, while young men partake in the above opportunities and activities, they also engage in a number of cognitive-behavioral-based therapeutic interventions as they reside in our therapeutic group homes. The following types of treatment are featured within this beneficial program:

  •     Individual therapy occurs a minimum of twice per month
  •     Family therapy is conducted a minimum of once per month
  •     Group therapy takes place three times per week minimum
  •     Experiential therapies
  •     Recreational therapies

Substance abuse services are also available if a youth has a problem with drugs and/or alcohol.. A licensed therapist with substance abuse counseling history, who is part of our staff, facilitates these services. Additionally, Millcreek Behavioral Health employs experienced and qualified psychiatrists who can evaluate the need for psychotropic medication(s) and subsequently prescribe and monitor medication(s) if it is deemed necessary and appropriate for treatment.

Finally, Millcreek Behavioral Health’s therapeutic group homes can also be used as a step down option for care once a young person has completed a more intensive form of treatment. If you feel your child could benefit from such services, do not hesitate to contact us for more information. At Millcreek Behavioral Health, we are here to help.

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